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Technology Overview

   Manual plugging or taping operations are eliminated with new solder resist.
Manual plugging or taping operations are eliminated with new solder resist.
Some of Zierick's Accu-Pak connector line now feature optional NEW technology to prevent solder from wicking onto the internal contact areas during the wave solder process. Zierick’s TapeResist solder masking technology is a remarkable advancement for PCB assembly as it utilizes pre-applied 0.001" (0.03mm) thick polyester film as the solder resist agent.

TapeResist allows stamped connectors to withstand internal solder wicking without the need for expensive, nonsolderable selective plated finishes. Secondary plugging or taping operations are also eliminated. The TapeResist film is precision-applied via an exclusive stamping process which eliminates the secondary processing needed with selective plating.

TapeResist connectors are applied to the PCB and processed in the exact same manner as standard connectors. Once the terminal is placed and soldered, the TapeResist film remains in place. There is no need for specialized preparation or cleaning with TapeResist connectors.

Accu-Pak Connectors with TapeResist ensure reliable PCB-to-PCB, PCB-to-Component and PCB-to- Lead Wire interconnections, with top- or bottom-entry configurations. They mate easily with square, round, and rectangular terminals and posts, and are auto insertable. Connectors feature non-destructive beam motion, built-in overstress barriers and offer regular or high retention force configurations. Zierick’s exclusive Accu-Pak spring technology ensures predictable mating forces with ample stored energy. Accu-Pak Connectors are highly resistant to permanent deformation even when misaligned. Depending on the type of Accu-Pak you select, they are available with either Accu-Lok or Stable-Lok® shock and vibrationproof mounting features, and may be assembled manually with Zierick hand tools or automatically with Zierick semi- and fully-automated applicator systems.

Connectors with pre-applied TapeResist are inserted so the PCB as usual. After soldering TapeResist remains in place.

TapeResist is a patented product of Zierick Manufacturing Corporation.
U.S. Patent No. 5,495,669. Additional U.S. and international patents have been applied for.
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