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Part Number 1090

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CAD download for 1090
2D drawing (online view)
Application Drawing (print quality pdf) for 1090
Part Number 1090
20,900 parts available
but may not be available at time of order.
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Technology Overview
Perfect Mates for 1090
Loose Part No. 1090
Mating Terminal Size 0.250" x 0.025"
(6.35mm x 0.64mm) Tab
0.205" x 0.025"
(5.21mm x 0.64mm) Tab
5.0 lbs. (22.24N)*
1.0 lb. (4.45N)*
Mounting Type Outward or Inward Splay
Material Thickness
0.016" (0.41mm) C26000 Brass
Standard Finish 100% Matte Tin over Copper (0)
Mating Entry Horizontal
Mounting Hole
0.063" ±0.003" (1.6mm ±0.076mm) on 0.500" ±0.003" (12.7mm ±0.076mm) centers
Current Rating 20 Amperes
Resistance Rating 10mOhm Max
Temperature Rating -65° to 85°C

*With Steel Test Tab
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