Part Numbers 1290 / 6290

Legs can splay inward or outward ONLY. For the split leg version click here.
Loose Part No. 1290
Reeled Part No. 6290
Mating Terminal Size 0.025" (0.64mm) and 0.032" (0.81mm)
Mounting Type Inward or Outward Splay
Material Thickness / Type 0.016" (0.41mm) C26000 Brass
Standard Finish 100% Matte Tin over Copper (0)
Mating Entry Top and Horizontal
Current Rating 20 Amperes
Resistance Rating 10mOhm Max
Temperature Rating -65° to 85°C
Applicator System Loose: ZPT81-1092
Reeled: Model 9700, 9700 XY