Part Number 6284

Features and Benefits
  • This Tab/Quick Disconnect was designed for SMT or THT applications
  • Ideal for demanding applications
  • Applicable for SMT reflow process or THT wave soldering
  • High retention forces
  • Tabs don’t float during reflow
  • Shoulder on the part provides a stand-off for the mating part from the PCB
  • Retains typical through-hole Quick Disconnect Tab features
  • Designed for automation using the customer’s existing pick and place equipment and a special feeder - no time consuming hand placement or costly fixturing required
  • Can be automated using standard tape feeders
Loose N/A
Reeled 6284
Mounting Type Drop-In Fit and Outward Splay
Hole Dimension 0.070" (1.78mm) hole
Material Thickness / Type 0.032" (0.81mm) C26000 Brass
Standard Finish 100% Matte Tin over Copper (0)
Mounting Hole Diameter 0.058" ±0.003" (1.47mm ±0.076)
Current Rating 20 AMPS
Feeder/Applicator System
For SMT Applications: Surf-Shooter SMT ™ Continuous Strip Feeder
For THT Applications: Model 9700
Model 9700 XY
Zierick recommends .006" (0.15mm) stencil thickness for most applications. For other stencil thicknesses, call Zierick's product development department.