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Technology Overview

   Zierick's award-winning Torsion-Lok IDC is a cost-effective method of wire connection, providing exceptional flexibility and superior performance compared to traditional rigid contact beam IDC styles.
Zierick's award-winning Torsion-Lok® IDC is a cost-effective method of wire connection, providing exceptional flexibility and superior performance compared to traditional rigid contact beam IDC styles.
Pneumatic Wire Insertion Tool Instructions
IDC Wire Termination Procedure
Zierick's award-winning Torsion-Lok® insulation displacement connector (IDC*) allows connection and insulation shear in one motion, eliminating pre-stripping. The Torsion-Lok® IDC received the PMA-Higgins Design Award based on its ability to deliver exceptional performance while saving costs.

Designed for rigorous PCB and wire-end connection requirements, Torsion-Lok® IDC's outperform traditional rigid contact beam IDC styles. Unlike a rigid IDC, the Torsion-Lok® permits a high degree of movement by the connection contacts. This greater movement allows a contact beam deflection range that is many times greater than traditional IDC's. Connection is achieved by simply pushing the wire into the high deflection, zero-clearance connection slot for a reliable, gas-tight connection.

The Torsion-Lok® design provides a predictable, pre-loaded connection force. The torsional beams provide ample stored energy and are highly resistant to permanent deformation and stress relaxation. The gas-tight interconnection is maintained without wire creep and slip. It withstands repeated mating cycles, vibration, and temperature cycling.

Zierick's family of Torsion-Lok® IDC's are available in loose and reeled formats for #30 through #14 AWG solid or stranded wire sizes. PCB and wire assembly can be done manually with Zierick hand tools and fixtures or automatically with Zierick semi- and fully-automated applicator systems.
  • The Torsion-Lok® IDC can be a cost-effective wire connection alternative.
  • Torsion-Lok® IDC's provide superior performance compared to rigid contact beam IDC styles.
  • The high-deflection contact beam design withstands repeated mating cycles and harsh conditions
Unlike rigid contact beam styles providing only one-time use. Torsion-Lok beams allow ample movement for repeated mating.
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