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Technology Overview

   SMT Z-Axis Complaint Pin
Because of the variations of the outside diameter of the insulation and the diameter of the conductor, it is highly recommended that each wire be tested to insure a proper connection to the wire. Current rating is dependent on wire sizes. Consult factory.
Part number 1300-T, a Surface Mount Zip Cord connector, is comprised of two identical parts, turned so the connector spikes face each other. The parts are held in the correct configuration for the AWG of the Zip Cord, and placed in Tape Pockets for easy nozzle pick-up.

Part numbers 1302, 6302, 1302-2-HDR, 1302-2-HDR-T, Surface Mount Zip Cord connectors, are comprised of two identical parts, turned so the connector spikes face each other. The parts are placed into plated through-holes and can be used in either a conventional Surface Mount or Through-Hole Technology process.

In the Surface Mount process, a Zierick feeder can separate one part from a strip of parts and present each to a pick and place machine using a gripper. For Through-Hole applications, a Zierick THT Assembly System can quickly insert these parts directly onto the PCB. The utilization of well proven crimping and insulation piercing technology guarantees the long term reliability of this connection.

Features and Benefits
  • This Zierick product is one of the most economical ways to terminate wire to a surface mount board.
  • Part placement can be automated.
  • It has high resistance to shock and vibration.
  • There is no need to strip the cord.
  • The wire is terminated by using a Zierick crimping press.
  • The part is available in taped format.
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