Part Numbers 1302 / 6302 / 1302-2-HDR / 1302-2-HDR-T

Features and Benefits
  • This Zierick product is one of the most economical ways to terminate wire to a printed circuit board.
  • Part placement can be automated.
  • It has high resistance to shock and vibration.
  • There is no need to strip the wire.
  • The wire is terminated by using a Zierick crimping press.
  • It is also available in taped format and taped header format for low volume users.
Loose Part No. 1302 1302-2-HDR
Reeled Part No. 6302 NA
Taped Part No. NA 1302-2-HDR-T
Wire Size Approximately .100" Thick x .200" Wide
Material Thickness / Type .020 C26000 Brass
Standard Finish Pre-finished 100% Matte Tin over Copper. Edges will be bare. (16)
Feeder System SMT Feeder for Loose Piece Terminals
Standard 16mm Tape Feeder
Crimping System MP-1000 Crimping Machine (for high volume applications)
Versa-Crimp (for low volume applications)
Zierick recommends .006" (0.15mm) stencil thickness for most applications. For other stencil thicknesses, call Zierick's product development department.