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Technology Overview

   SMT Z-Axis Complaint Pin
Degree of physical change to pin has been enhanced and exaggerated for demonstration purposes.
A primary benefit of the SMT Z-Axis Compliant Pin is its ability to hold a strong, accurate connection under extreme temperature changes. Its Z-Axis (axial) compliancy is designed to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction.

As temperatures cause boards to shift, the pin compensates for separation, and holds a stronger, more dependable connection. The pin's unique, flexible center-frame design actually expands or contracts in response to changes in board orientation.

Uniquely designed for production in a continuous reel format, the SMT Z-Axis Compliant Pin optimizes automation, and with the Surf-Shooter SMT ™ Continuous Strip Feeder, allows precision placement while using existing pick and place equipment. Z-Axis Compliant Pins can be placed on 0.100" x 0.120" on-center applications, making them ideal for parallel stacking applications.

Zierick designed the Z-Axis Pin to take advantage of capillary action, a process in which a more complete, more stable solder connection is established, providing superior joint strength and more reliably perpendicular pins. The Z-Axis Pins are manufactured using 0.012" (0.30mm) thick Copper, and feature a 100% Matte Tin over Copper finish.

Zierick’s SMT Z-Axis Compliant Pin:

Increases PCB design flexibility.
  • Compensates for thermal expansion and contraction through axial compliancy
  • Consumes minimal real estate
Optimizes automation. Allows for a better connection.
  • Maximizes solder joint strength through utilization of capillary action
  • Ensures that pins are reliably perpendicular
  • Enhances geographical stability with high locational tolerances
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