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Zierick is continually refining interconnection technology to increase efficiency and bring costs down. This section gives us an opportunity to share with you some of the knowledge we have gained in R&D and in the field. If you would like to learn more about any of the topics you see here, please don't hesitate to contact Zierick.

April 2005 RoHS Compliant, lead-free parts
March 2005 1266 SMT Dual Entry Receptacle
February 2005 SMT Sockets
January 2005 1263/1265 Receptacles
December 2004 1262 SMT Box Receptacle
December 2004 Board Stacking Connector Feeder
November 2004 9700 XY Insertion System
November 2004 SMT Header Feeder
October 2004 SMT Headers
October 2004 Board Stack Connector
September 2004 Compliant Pin
September 2004 Fine Wire Connector
Winter 2001-2002 Zierick SMT Headers
Spring 2001 New President / New Vision
Winter 2000 Engineering new SMT Pins
Spring 2000 Zierick Marks 80th Anniversary
Summer 1999 Surface Mount Headers with Capillary Action
Winter 1999 Insulation Displacement Connectors
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